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-LE  DOMAINE  PASTOURET: -Produces organic wine AOP Costières de Nîmes. The vines are grown according to the criteria of organic farming without the input of chemicals, pesticides or insecticides. It is based on the rational management of the fraction of the soil, respecting biological cycles and the environment. By purchasing an organic wine today, you have a double guarantee: The guarantee of controls and rules relating to the marketing of wine by an independent supervisory body and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, such as: ECOCERT FR-BIO-O1 .  .

-THE TERROIR: -The Greeks planted the vines in the region, and it was the Romans who ensured its development. Of Roman origin, the vineyard of the Costières de Nîmes is one of the oldest in Europe, it is at the junction of Occitanie and Provence. Consisting of stony alluvial inputs brought by the Ice Age and Villafranchian pebbles (sandstone which is formed mostly of large pebbles rolled by the Rhone) resulting from alternating periods of warming and glaciation of the Quaternary era. They are often wrapped pebbles, on a thickness of 4 to 14 meters, in a sand whose color varies from light yellow to dark red.

-HARVEST : Part of our harvest is done at night, it also has an ecological interest. It is best to harvest at night; the air temperature is cooler and the grapes being picked will return to the cellar at a lower temperature. We try to have an optimal temperature to minimize and optimize the work that will be done in the cellar. Harvesting at night will also preserve the aromas of the vine. Not only does this preserve them, but it will also encourage the winemaking work in the cellar since we will return a healthy and fairly fresh harvest with an average temperature between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius The nocturnal harvest allows the production of a finer and more fruity wine.